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On being and artisan and craftsman

My career as a Glass artisan started when I was employed by Diana Brier and Stephen R. Frank. They where my cousins who had an antique shop in Los Angeles, California. I was seventeen years old and they hired me.

At the shop I was the guy who did repair of the old stained and leaded glass Steven bought on his buying trips throughout the country.  A designer would come to his store and be creative. They would want that window and this window to be put together. That was my job. I learned to do this by doing it.

After a few years of this, this was in in the 1960’s, I was bit by the bug of glass. I loved it.Design Puzzles.

I struck off on my own. Moved from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz. Started Finsterwald Art Glass, but not right away. I was drawn to Santa Cruz by John Forbes and Mike Leeds. They where Bonnie Dunne Art Glass in the Santa Cruz mountains.

My Mother and Grandfather where artist. I spent a great deal of time with my grandfather Willard Wiener. In my opinion a great painter and artist. His influence and that of the visits to the art galleries on La Cienga Blvd and Museums in Los Angeles had a great impact on how I would develop as a glass artisan.

Bonnie Dunne and I parted ways over artistic preferences. Thus Finsterwald Art Glass. Took residence at the Log Cabin on River Street. All of this is so long ago those where the early years.

Here we are now 2018. Passed through being in New York City known as Finsterwald”s. Did work for so many people. Because that work was recorded on film I haven’t images to show you.

1103 First Avenue. That was my address. Do you know I have never had an employee. I just never wanted to be commercial.

Always been about making something for the individual.

I worked for Architects like RM Stern, Shope Reno Wharton, Oliver Cope, David Roth, Fredrick Matchneer,  Vatche Simmonian, Richard Mier. many others.

My work reflected their needs.

 have been published though not often with credits. I have won an award. Mostly I am obscure. But  I would imagine if those I have produce for will speak favorably about me. Even back to Santa Cruz.

Now you can view some images of my work. Forgive me for these are not the best photos. They do give you an idea though.

What happened is I became more of an artist and less of an stained glass person.Look at some of the wall sconces and stained glass windows and scuplture that I present here.

I welcome your feed back